Miwa Group, The Institute for Solid State Physics (ISSP), The University of Tokyo


Room for staffs and students: A330

Study room

Experimental room I: A052

Thin-film deposition system I

Thin-film deposition system I : MBE for metals

Custom-built MBE, Biemtron
6kW EB-gun Thermionics: crucible ~ 6
3kW EB-gun Thermionics: crucible ~ 4
Substrate heating > 900Ž
Turbomolecular pump
Ion pump

Thin-film deposition system II

Thin-film deposition system II : MBE for organics

Custom-built MBE, Biemtron
3kW EB-gun Thermionics: crucible ~ 3
Resistance heating: crucible ~ 6
Substrate cooling < -100Ž
Turbomolecular pump
Ion pump


Ar-ion milling system

Kaufman ion source, Commonwealth Scientific


Sample transfer system

Custom-built system, Biemtron

Thin-film deposition system III

Thin-film deposition system III: Sputter for SiO2

Sputtering, Shinko Seiki

Vacuum@annealing furnace

Vacuum annealing furnace with magnet

Toei: >5 kOe, >400Ž

Experimental room II: A041-042

Probe system I

RF probe system I

Magnetic field: >150 mT, in-plane
Temperature: room-temperature

Probe system II

RF probe system II

Magnetic field: >1500 mT, any direction
Temperature: room-temperature

Probe system III

Low temperature measurement system

Magnetic field: >250 mT
Temperature: 4 K - 300 K

Measurements systms

Electrical measuremet systems

Microwave oscillator N5183B (<40 GHz), Keysight
Lock-in amplifier SR830, SRS
Source measure unit B2901A, Keysight
Multimeter 34460A, Keysight


Femtosecond pulse laser system

Chameleon Ultra II, Coherent (140 fs, 3.5 W @ 800 nm)

Mask aligner

Photolithography system

Mask Aligner M-2L, Mikasa

Optical microscope

Optical microscope

BX53M, Olympus

Spin coater

Spin coater

MS-B100, Mikasa

Atomic force microscope

Surface characterizaton system: AFM

L-trace II, SII

Vibrating sample magnetometer

Magnetization measurment system: VSM

Vibrating sample magnetometer, Toei


A330, Miwa group, The Institute for Solid State Physics, 5-1-5 Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa, Chiba 277-8581, Japan

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